2012/06/28 2:23 PM
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~本日も病院の待ち時間にever noteで作成致しました~

















シボレー サバーバン

I created by ever note to the waiting time of the hospital ?

today also?

It has stopped raining today.

The hospital is crowded in since it is medical examination in the morning.

Every day of long going to hospital regularly and sharp pain

It becomes friendly also with the director,

and piles by that the EMS apparatus of management or the belly is the same たり,

and a top is

Doping is effective and it is called threatening recuperative strength (they are the back and association for two weeks -) etc.

Too, although medical treatment is sharp pain every day, and it has got used and it does not cook, there is.

The time of going to hospital regularly,

medical treatment, and waiting time is very regrettable.

In the meantime,

it is wasteful that it cannot work.

of a consumption tax increase bill the other day without it is interesting increasingly — the shin.

if it does not go to take profits as a company interference — intermediary striped

Although it seems that the direction which it made divide at several companies if several pieces or a certain direction became in sales and a company went is saved,

many things are still paid considerably.

It is a consumption tax increase for inside not having a thing as for including tax.

peevish [ come out and ],

if futility is lost by utilizing It and carrying out robot introduction and a consumption tax increase is not overcome by establishment of original business,

although initial investment starts!

Although it is

in accordance with the trend of the world,

it is adapted to the present Japanese politics and the economy of a state of war.

the temperamental one who wants to knock to pieces sets a personal computer by the trend of the world before several years by no means ITit is also not having thought intermediary those days.

What kind of business as for five years and ten years after,

he is doing in what country tackles eagerly now,

oday, tomorrow,

this month, and this year,

although it does not understand.